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  1. NaffGutts

    Sound of Revenge (video)

    As always, here is our Week 1 video with some clips of our actual week 1 that didn't play out. Enjoy
  2. NaffGutts


    THIS IS OUR YEAR. Post game videos will be coming as games are played.
  3. NaffGutts

    Defensive Back U?

    Heard this quoted on various sites, and take last year for instance. Despite our HORRIBLE record, Florida was ranked in the Top 15 in every defensive category. In fact, just take a look at what Muschamp has done DEFENSIVELY for Florida. Take away the empty cupboard year, and you have the best...
  4. NaffGutts

    Powell done for season.

    another ACL. no question that our practice, conditioning, or strength training should be looked at. At what point does Muschamp give a second look at training? Something has got to change to set us up for success for next year.
  5. NaffGutts

    Our Offense is an open wound

    The more football I watch, the more I hate our Offense and realize how shitty it is. Tonight I watched UCF put 324 yds of Offense on Louisville with still a quarter left to play. They put up 147 yds in a single quarter. I'm talking balanced run/pass/play action offense that seems to exist in...
  6. NaffGutts

    Salute the troops game?

    Who do I need to email to get ticket rates for the military appreciation game?
  7. NaffGutts

    This is sad!

    http://espn.go.com/ncf/playbyplay?gameId=332502390 Miami was horrible on offense except for the 2 big plays we gave up for TD. Everything else is embarrassing. I wonder if this is our "Georgia" game this year, the ones that we dominate on the field but not on the scoreboard. This one will...
  8. NaffGutts

    What is wrong with this?

    http://www.gatorcountry.com/florida-gators-football/muschamp-points-finger-defense-loss/ He is right, to a certain extent, but to put your defense out there and not accept the fact that our offense was to blame for the turnovers and just bad execution in redzone territory. I don't understand...
  9. NaffGutts

    Autograph Trade?

    Long story short, I'm slowly building up my Gator gear. Last year Herschell Walker came to Ft Bragg promoting his book and to talk to the troops. I ended up getting an 82nd flag signed and an 8x10 that they gave out at the event. Was wondering if anyone had some Gator autographs that they...
  10. NaffGutts

    Wake Up Gator Nation (video included)

    Last year was bitter sweet. We had the nations best overall defense, and an offense that had no identity and was completely inconsistent. Too many times our Defense has to play lights out to keep us in games, and many times even win games. The Georgia game was an embarassing cluster f*** for...
  11. NaffGutts

    Matt Elam YouTube Tribute...

    I'm back at it guys. I'm making an Elam highlight video tonight, will be posted tomorrow. Also making a Gilly one Saturday and will be up on Sunday. Both these guys have helped build us back, both went through the highs and lows, and played with everything they had. Someone has big shoes to...
  12. NaffGutts

    So ......Veterans Returning next year.

    Name them ............go Matt Elam
  13. NaffGutts

    Lamecock Highlights!! Aweful title lol

    Well, one more in the books. I still find myself going about my normal "ritual" before game time. I pull out the "gator rug" and place it and the feet of my recliner, I sit the gnome down on the ground beside me facing the television. I put on my Gator hat and do a few laps around the driveway...
  14. NaffGutts

    This just in...

    Gators will be wearing blue on blue tomorrow, saw it on Twitter from the.equipment team Also, anyone notice the new font on thr Swamp? Why would they change it?
  15. NaffGutts

    Gator vs Gamecock Updates!!

    Lets keep all the news flowing in, contained in a single thread lol. Here is what I'm reading. - Lattimore(RB) probably won't start, even if he does, I'm thinking he is not 100% and the Gator defense will remind him why he should sat this one out. - Clowney(DE) has a foot issue since the LSU...
  16. NaffGutts

    The Swamp font changed!!

    I ran across an article saying the 'This is Gator Country' and 'This is the Swamp' has been changed recently. From the response to the article, the majority of people don't like it and don't understand wht it was changed to begin with. Another reply suggested something about Nike endorsements...
  17. NaffGutts

    Man Cave Help! Memorabilia

    So, about a year ago I got official Ncaa gator paint from Home Depot and painted my spare bedroom, blue on orange with about a foot wide white stripe running horizontal. Since then i've aquired Gator rugs, door hangers, jerseys, mini helmets, yard gnomes etc. But yet to have anything signed...
  18. NaffGutts

    My New Vandy Highlight Reel!! LMAO

    This one is funny as hell, still doing last minute edits but check back and I'll have it posted. I think you guys will love it.
  19. NaffGutts

    I want to punch ESPN in the face!

    Kind of seeing a bias going on, pre-game last week all of the opinions were going toward LSU, then after the game it was "not the same LSU we're used to seeing". Then last night as they are beating South Carolina, it was "they didn't bring their best game to Florida", I mean damn, can our...
  20. NaffGutts

    There is only one way UP

    Here is my rant ... Everyone knows our strengths and weaknesses on the field. Everyone has seen our improvements in each and every game thus far, on one side of the ball or other. But here is where it should get you excited, and doubt less of our Gators. I know everyone would want to think of...