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  1. carolinathru&thru

    I think it is funny...

    He's just trying to help. A LOT of people on A LOT of sites do that. I do that.
  2. carolinathru&thru

    Super Bowl commercials

    I liked the Doritos one with the huge mouse jumping through the wall.
  3. carolinathru&thru

    Tom Petty to play GH3 at Superbowl

    ???????????? I'm just going to let that comment go. You really think that "i'm with you" by J. Simpson is a better song than "Free Falling" or "American Girl" by Tom Petty (and the heartbreakers)?
  4. carolinathru&thru

    Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings

    Not a big fan of either. But, I'd have to say that the first 3 movies (Episodes IV-VI) were much more interesting than Lord of the Rings movies.
  5. carolinathru&thru

    Heath Ledger Found Dead

    He was a completely sober person, they say. He was sleep deprivated (he was quoting in an interview that he was only getting 2 hours of sleep per week). He said that he was taking Ambien. He also had pneumonia. When the toxicology report comes out, I'm thinking that it will be a lethal mix...
  6. carolinathru&thru

    Britney's Obituary

    I have seriously had the feeling that Spears is going to die pretty soon. She's looney and if she doesn't get her act together (and get some treatment, because she is obviously manic depressive) i think that many would agree that she's a gonner within a few years. I'm not saying I want that...
  7. carolinathru&thru

    My new guinea pig

    I've always wanted a guinea pig but have never gotten around to getting one. They look so cute.
  8. carolinathru&thru

    Bobby Fischer

    A very intriguing individual. He was very bizarre and eccentric. But, he was a GENIUS.
  9. carolinathru&thru

    If you could own a professional sports team...

    I'd probably establish an MLS expansion team and bring it to the Carolina's (since we don't have that). If I couldn't do that, then I'd buy DC United (mls team in Washington). Or i'd buy the Carolina Panthers.
  10. carolinathru&thru

    Does a Moe's Burrito really have 2k calories

    That would kind of surprise me if it had 2,000 calories in it. But, I'm sure it kind of depends on what kind you get. I usually get a chicken burrito with chicken, rice, salsa, and a minimal amount of cheese (and maybe a few more veggies). I wouldn't think that that would have 2,000...
  11. carolinathru&thru

    Britney misses another custody hearing

    what a mess. She's just a horrible excuse for a mother.
  12. carolinathru&thru

    Strange things to ponder

    I have ALWAYS thought the same thing. lol
  13. carolinathru&thru

    Bulls' Noah benched Sunday by unanimous vote by teammates

    My only problem with it was that Noah didn't apologize or even admit that he was wrong. If he had done that then I think all would've been forgiven. But, you can bet your right butt-cheek that the animosity between him and the rest of the team/coaches will linger for some time.
  14. carolinathru&thru

    Most valuable Gator autograph

    Emmit Smith probably has the most value monetarily. But, I voted Steve Spurrier because it has the most value to me.;)
  15. carolinathru&thru

    Would you ever root for OSU?

    What was the point of that post? I didn't engage you in argument. That was uncalled for. Newbs....
  16. carolinathru&thru


  17. carolinathru&thru

    Would you ever root for OSU?

    First off, I actually (and I say this in all seriousness) enjoy watching really bad teams duke (no pun intended) it out with each other. Therefore, UNC-Duke is a VERY fun game to watch for me. And, how is VT vs. GT not a good game to watch? VT was in a BCS bowl (I was rooting for Kansas...
  18. carolinathru&thru

    Would you ever root for OSU?

    Blasphemy!!! I can't believe that Meechigan fan would root for OSU.:confused0054:
  19. carolinathru&thru

    A Burning Question I've Been Meaning to Ask

    Are jorts really popular in Gainesville? :eek: