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  1. robdog

    Announcement TapaTalk is no more...

    I spent a lot of time making the site responsive so instead of having to go through the TapaTalk app, you can point your smartphone's browser directly at the site to get the "mobile" version. Let me know if you guys run into any issues.
  2. robdog

    Announcement Site Upgrade Tonight @ 10:00pm PST

    Just a heads up, we are going to be upgrading the forum software to the latest version of XenForo. This should include a number of key improvements to the internals of the forum. I expect the downtime to be about 30 minutes, but the look and feel is going to take a couple hours to get right...
  3. robdog

    Announcement Site changes...

    We are changing a few things around here in case you guys didn't notice. The home page is no longer going to try and be a news portal but mainly focus on being a forum. It was a nice effort, but it didn't really work overall. The site is going to focus what it does best, a forum for Gator fans...
  4. robdog

    Is this season a surprise to you at 6-0?

    I have to admin, I am one of those people who did NOT see the Gators starting like this. But as they say, ugly wins are STILL wins and the Gators ARE 6-0 and moving way up the BCS rankings... Anyone else besides me surprised by the current results of the Gator's season?
  5. robdog

    Announcement New Site Layout is Active

    We just released the new site layout. If you have an comments/questions/concerns, please post them here. Thanks.
  6. robdog

    Announcement Like Functionality has been Expanded

    The like functionality seems to be a worthwhile feature on this site, so we decided to increase the functionality. Not only can you still like a post, but now you can do the following: Like Agree Funny Winner Informative Friendly Useful Creative Disagree Old Optimistic Again, going to test...
  7. robdog

    Announcement Let someone know you mentioned them in a post... Tag Em'

    With all new football seasons, I try to give you guys a few new features before the start of next season. SO now if you want to get someone's attention to a thread, simple TAG them: DRU2012. They will get an alert and let them know someone mentioned them in a thread. :) I have another feature...
  8. robdog

    Game Day Thead: Vanderbilt @ Florida - 11/5

    Not sure why I am nervous about this game, but it seems like an interesting match-up. Considering Vandy almost won last week, they could come out and cause the same problems for us. Anyways, WE NEED THIS ONE DAMNIT, lol. Thoughts?
  9. robdog

    Game Day Thread: Florida @ Georgia - 10/29

    Okay so last week I said we can't lose 3 in a row and that didn't work out so well. So with that said, just win baby. Another good test for our team against a Georgia team that has been playing well of late. Go Gators!
  10. robdog

    Official Game Day Thread: Florida @ Auburn - 10/15: LOSS 17 - 6

    We can not lose 3 in a row. This is a winnable road game, and I would say a must win. Thoughts???
  11. robdog

    Official Game Day Thread: Florida @ LSU - 10/8: LOSS 41 - 11

    Okay, we had a VERY tough loss at home last week. This week we have a hell of a game coming up against a team with a GREAT defense. I really wish this game was at home because Tiger Stadium is just a crazy place to play. I really want to be confident about this game, but it is going to depend a...
  12. robdog

    Announcement Recovering Your Old Signature Picture

    If you uploaded a signature pic, you can recover it in this post. I attached a zip file of all the uploaded signature files. You can download the attached file, open it and find the one that belongs to you. Once you find the one that belongs to you, you will need to use an upload service to...
  13. robdog

    Announcement GatorEnvy.com Upgrade to XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 2

    I wanted to let everyone know that we are currently running on XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 2. There are a number of new features that have been added into this version that I think everyone will find useful. Below is a list of most of the features included in this upgrade: Thread Prefixes Warning System...
  14. robdog

    Official Game Day Thread: Alabama @ Florida - 10/1: LOSS 38 - 10

    Here is the FIRST big SEC challenge. If we win this, we are on the radar and talking about something much bigger! One game at a time, but this is a massive showdown right now!
  15. robdog

    Official Game Day Thread: Florida @ Kentucky - 9/24: WIN 48 - 10

    Another game we should win but I have a feeling this is going to be a trap game if we are looking forward to our next SEC opponent. (Alabama) If we stay focused, we got this win no problem.
  16. robdog

    Official Game Day Thread: Tennessee @ Florida - 9/17: WIN 33 - 23

    Going to be our first big challenge of the year. Looking forward to a great game and seeing the Gators pull out the W. 2 of 3 college game day staffers picked us to win! I am so happy this one is at home. Might give us the advantage we need!
  17. robdog

    Official Game Day Thread: Alabama-Birmingham @ Florida - 9/10: WIN 39 - 0

    Got the thread up a little late but here it is! How you guys feeling about the game so far???
  18. robdog

    Muschamp Stare Website, LOL

    http://muschampstare.tumblr.com/ I heard about it on college game day, but it is a pretty funny site for a quick laugh, lol. :)
  19. robdog

    Official Game Day Thread: Florida Atlantic @ Florida - 9/3: WIN 41 - 3

    Florida Atlantic is coming to the swamp. I am going to predict a solid victory and decent play from Brantley. All I need is decent play for his first game...
  20. robdog

    Tim Tebow is going to be on the Daily Show Tonight

    Just thought I would put a heads up in case anyone cares to watch it. So if you ARE going to watch, come back here and post some comments about what you thought. :)