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  1. leakbrewergator

    Q&A With the Enemy

    For those of you that were around this time last year, you remember the exquisite beatdown I laid upon those Georgia Fans that wanted to participate in a Q&A with yours truly. Well they came back for more. Here's the link to my question and their answers. And Vice Versa. Please check...
  2. leakbrewergator

    LSU Game Thread

    Come on people! Big game this week. Let's stop focusing on Bobby Bowden for a few seconds to talk about the Florida-LSU game. Here's my thoughts. Discuss.
  3. leakbrewergator

    Florida v. Troy

    Almost Saturday people! Time to start talking about the game. Here's my thoughts. What are yours?
  4. leakbrewergator

    Florida-Charleston Southern Preview

    vs. Charleston Southern Bucs vs. No. 1 Florida Gators Ben Hill Griffin Stadium - Gainesville, FL 7:00 PM EST kickoff on SUN/FSN Hey guys. I figured we can start discussing this week's game now. I have posted my preview for the game. You can find it here. What are your thoughts on the game...
  5. leakbrewergator

    ESPN Power Rankings - Preseason

    ESPN just released the first edition of their weekly power rankings. Guess who's umber 1? http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/powerranking?season=2009&week=0 I figure we can just update this thread whenever new rankings are released.
  6. leakbrewergator

    Funny T-Shirt thread

    Post any funny t-shirts that you see relating to any other school. Or even some good humored shirts directed at us. I'll start off with a shirt making fun of Auburn.
  7. leakbrewergator

    Another SEC coach is burning some recruiting bridges.

    This time it's Mark Richt.... http://sports.espn.go.com/highschool/rise/news/story?id=4348798
  8. leakbrewergator

    Stop what you're doing.....

    And buy this right now! It's a little pricey at $12.99, but it's definitely worth it. Definitely the best preview I've read all year. Some of my old friends from my blogging days contributed to the publication and it's good stuff. I HIGHLY recommend to everyone on this forum.
  9. leakbrewergator

    Dustin Doe arrested

    No, this isn't an old thread from 2 years ago. Dustin's GF is a good friend of mine and apparently the LB was arrested last week due to some unpaid traffic tickets. This obviously is nothing too serious but I'm sure it will add more fuel to the "Thug U" fire that's being perpetuated lately...
  10. leakbrewergator

    Louis Murphy Q&A

    From inside the Oakland Raiders. http://www.ibabuzz.com/raidersblog/2009/04/26/louis-murphy-qa/ Murphy almost starts out every answer with "Oh Man..." Also, watching Rick Reilly's homecoming with The Goat (Jerry Rice) the other night I noticed Louis Murphy was in attendance. I came to...
  11. leakbrewergator

    LBG's Top 25 RB's

    After my groundbreaking, earth shattering QB ranking thread, I sat down and contemplated the best way to follow it up. After several sleepless hours, I decided the most plausible next step was to rank the nation's top running backs. One of the things that surprised me while I was compiling my...
  12. leakbrewergator

    LBG's Top 25 QB's

    I like to break things down a lot. This is especially true when it comes to college football. I've decided to rank the top 25 quarterbacks in all of college football coming into this season. You'll notice an abundance of dual threat quarterbacks, as I feel they provide a significant advantage...
  13. leakbrewergator

    Bowl Predictions

    Your favorite prognosticator s back to make my "Way too early bowl predictions" for 2009. I was surprisingly decent in making my predictions last season at this point. I got more than a few right, including the National Championship. Let's hope I'm right again. Anyway, these are just...
  14. leakbrewergator

    Countdown to Opening Day.

    Hey admins, how about making this bad boy a sticky???? Let's start the countdown to Sept. 5, when the Gators open up their bid to become repeat national champions against national power Charleston Southern. 94 Days Justin Trattou will share playing time with Carlos Dunlap at the DE...
  15. leakbrewergator

    2009 SEC Preview

    As some of you know, I used to run a college football blog. For those lucky few that were smart enough to check out my blog, you know that I am the greatest sports blogger in the history of sports blogging. I even won an award for that. It was awesome. Anyway, I ran out of time and the energy...
  16. leakbrewergator

    Houston Nutt in Trouble

    Well it didn't take long for Nutt to get into trouble in Oxford. He's a great coach, but Arkansas let him go for a reason. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=4201673
  17. leakbrewergator

    GE Spotlight: MahxFahn

    Alright, so I didn't ask MahxFahn's permission before doing this but I'm sure he won't mind ;) In another forum that I'm a part of they do these spotlight things about once a month or so, depending on the traffic. Basically a poster gets picked, in this case MahxFahn, and all the other members...
  18. leakbrewergator

    So how bad does Tennessee want to be Florida?

    Now they're taking our "It's great to be a Florida Gator" cheer and completely desecrating it...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx3cmeLhEcg
  19. leakbrewergator

    Do we have a chance tonight?

    I like the Men's chances against Penn State tonight. As long as we play our game and don't let them slow us down. How about the women? Do you think the Lady Gators have a realistic shot at taking down mighty UCONN tonight? I wish them all the luck. 'Cus they're gonna need it....
  20. leakbrewergator

    Wisdom teeth

    So I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday. I must say I'm a little anxious. I'm actually more worried about the anesthesia than I am about the actual procedure. Anybody else been through this?