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  1. leakbrewergator

    Anybody concern about this

    I'm not concerned with our D at all. Simms' two long bombs really inflate his numbers. The first TD was a genius call that would have worked on any defense. The second one was just a blown assignment by someone making their first appearance of the season. Plus, UT threw the ball nearly the...
  2. leakbrewergator

    offense agree or disagree

    I agree. ;)
  3. leakbrewergator

    Helmet Stickers

    Manny Moody for being Manny Freakin' Moody!
  4. leakbrewergator

    Why does Meyer keep referring to this team as being young?

    That's just the staring lineup. We are a young team. The fact that we have used more true freshmen than anybody is a testament to that.
  5. leakbrewergator

    USF game discussion thread

    Yeah man it was torture. Like I said, I was fine during the game. I guess all the adrenaline of sitting right next to the USF section kept me going. But as soon as I got on the interstate to head home I just lost it. I think I might look into sending a written request to Urb for my game ball.
  6. leakbrewergator

    Game Week HumpDay

    Haha! I like it!
  7. leakbrewergator

    Tables turned, Pearl's tale is sad

    He probably called the cops on Illinois b/c Iowa could only offer the recruit $60,000.
  8. leakbrewergator

    2 words...

    Glad to see you overreacted at the half just about as bad as you did after the game.
  9. leakbrewergator

    Thoughts on Gators at Tennessee.

    It will be interesting to see how our young team reacts to being in an hostile environment. I think it will be a close game at the half, but UF's depth should allow us to pull away in the late 3rd/early 4th. Our D should be able to hold the Vols in check.
  10. leakbrewergator

    a few stepped up and 1 stepped down

    This DT bashing is pretty funny to me. I've counted 2 dropped passes these past 2 games that I would put on him. And 1 of the "drops" was a pass that was behind him. I think some of you need to chill out with all this benching him or moving him to a new spot talk. Who else are we going to put...
  11. leakbrewergator

    USF game discussion thread

    I didn't read this entire thread, so I don't know who went to the game, but that was absolutely the hottest game I've ever been to. A few people around me had to be carried out of the stadium for heat stroke. I even got a little sick after the game. It was brutal.
  12. leakbrewergator

    Werner to Italy

    Sucks for Italy....
  13. leakbrewergator

    cam newton

    Newton looked pretty damn good last night. He would look even better in a different tint of orange and blue, IMO.
  14. leakbrewergator

    You guys need a new O-Coordinator.

    Well, I think you guys need a whole new football program.
  15. leakbrewergator

    Best dunker in UF history?

    Donnell Harvey. Unless we can count James White as a Gator.
  16. leakbrewergator

    Come back dan !!!!

    O-Town, I have all kinds of respect for you, and I believe this is the first issue we've ever bumped heads on, so I can definitely agree to disagree. I'm sorry for calling you out for "attacking" other posters. I was going off one of your posts from the first page. Looking back, it wasn't...
  17. leakbrewergator

    Pat Dooley: Addazio owed a break from Gator Nation

    I'm not bashing anyone. I just don't see why you keep bringing up Spurrier in these discussions before anyone else has, and then proceed to call out people who you say are still obsessed with Spurrier. Like I said, we must run in very different crowds, b/c outside of SC week, I never hear or...
  18. leakbrewergator

    Come back dan !!!!

    You're missing my point as well. Week 1's performance is not why I or most others are upset with Addazio. It's been his playcalling since he took over as OC. He's had an entire year, not just one week. That doesn't seem like rocket science to me either. You don't need to jump on any...