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  1. GatorGal15

    Not Like We Needed Any Help

    Wasn't Ponder in the Heisman talk at the start of the season?
  2. GatorGal15

    Auburn's Newton reportedly cheated at FL

    This story gets more interesting as the days go on...
  3. GatorGal15

    Second day continues Gator draft bonanza

    The New England Patriots will now be called the North East Florida Gators :)
  4. GatorGal15

    How about the Draft?

    Yep. James with Colts and Stamper with Buffalo.
  5. GatorGal15

    How about the Draft?

    Thanks. I totally forgot about Spikes.
  6. GatorGal15

    How about the Draft?

    What's everyones predictions for Aaron and Riley?
  7. GatorGal15

    John 'The Future' Brantley prepares to reign for Florida Gators

    I think he is going to be perfectly fine.
  8. GatorGal15

    From Tim, with love

    I loved this article!
  9. GatorGal15

    Meyer and Tebow go out in style

    Awwww. That picture is sweet! <3
  10. GatorGal15

    Are you excited for the Sugar Bowl?

    Do we know what happened to Aaron's finger? I read he had to have surgery on it after the game and while watching the "TEBOW CAM" I saw him showing his finger to Tim and they proceeded to show it to everyone else..
  11. GatorGal15

    Congratulations Gators!

    Go Gators! :D
  12. GatorGal15

    Hello to everyone

    Welcome to GE!
  13. GatorGal15

    Memorable plays of the decade

    Knoshawn Moreneo getting flatten by Spikes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IQShWogLzw
  14. GatorGal15

    Are you excited for the Sugar Bowl?

    This was such an amazing game.
  15. GatorGal15

    Are you excited for the Sugar Bowl?

    I'm excited. But, if Time Warner cable ends up not signing a deal with FOX - I may not get to watch it.
  16. GatorGal15

    Meyer to coach final game at Sugar Bowl

    According to OGGOA: Rumor: ESPN’s Pat Forde: Former defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, who was just recently hired as the Louisville Cardinals head coach, has only signed a term sheet with the University of Louisville and not yet a contract.
  17. GatorGal15

    Meyer to coach final game at Sugar Bowl

    Wow. This is crazy. Prayers go to Urban, Shelly and the whole Meyer family. He has to do what is best for him and his family! I have no idea who is going to be the next coach..
  18. GatorGal15

    dunlap is cleared to play

    I don't think he should be allowed to play. DUI is serious. Also under age drinking as well.
  19. GatorGal15

    Tebow, McCoy: Buddy-Buddy from CFB awards

    I believed Tebow voted for Suh. Thanks to this article right here. I love this. I have watched it so many times.
  20. GatorGal15

    Five Reasons Why the Florida Gators Will Suffer in 2010

    The Florida Gators. One of the most celebrated, and heralded teams of the last four seasons. The Era of Tebow. The Era of Good Feelings. The Era of Urban Meyer. The Era, that seemed like it could last forever—and now it's over? "Leak to Murphy, Leak to Harvin, Harvin up the middle...