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  1. awebbf5


    I think our resume vs bama is a lot better. I'm hoping we get the orange bowl. Where do you guys think we end up?
  2. awebbf5


    Today I was on finebaum and he had it out for gator nation. Does anyone besides me recall coach Mullen saying ,how he recruited at miss state where it was out in nowhere and was like a road going between fields to the stadium???
  3. awebbf5

    Leaving on a jet plane

    Well I will be flying into Sanford tonight and headed to the game Saturday. Each year for our trip I try to stock up on gator gear for the year, does anyone have suggestions on the best stores to hit in Gainesville?
  4. awebbf5


    We are halfway through the season and I have to say being a gator fan in Kentucky hurt, but couldn't be more proud of this team. We were short Reese and CeCe for UK and came out like we didn't have to compete to win, but other than that I'm so proud of our guys and our team. That game was a...
  5. awebbf5


    Well it's official we have fired golly schucks jim. So now the replacement head coach search starts. We have made 2 bad hires and cannot afford to miss this time, or we end up like Nebraska imo. My top 3 are 1. Fuente 2. Mullen 3. Frost It's a great day to be a Florida Gator!
  6. awebbf5

    Head Coach

    Well I try not to overreact and post to much when I'm in my feelings, but is anyone else thinking it's time to look for a new Head Coach? I just don't see Mac putting us back on the map. If I were to make a list of candidate's that I think are realistic, this would be my wish list for our new...
  7. awebbf5


    Hey guys trying to plan a trip for the homecoming game against lsu . Does anyone have a hookup or know anybody selling for this game? Need 3. Thanks for any help
  8. awebbf5

    GameDay Gators vs Gamecocks

    I made it. Let's hope we get a W fellas.
  9. awebbf5

    That feeling

    Starting to get that feeling, every year around this time I start to get that feeling of excitement for gator football. Every year whether or not I know we're not gonna be real good, I have that feeling of maybe we will have an auburn type run or magical season where everything lines up just...
  10. awebbf5

    Byron Cowart

    As most of you already know he had to cut his visit short because his mom was called into work. Anybody heard any inside scoop or know anything if we land him?
  11. awebbf5

    final four

    Well I hope Bama rolls Ohio state so bad that urban has chest pains and I hope the ducks beat free shoes with a last minute drive just so they know how it feels to get beat like that!
  12. awebbf5

    McElwain is the new ball coach

    Really don't know how I feel about the hire, but I think it is better than what we had. Hope he can snag some recruits and get this thing turned around quick!
  13. awebbf5

    i was on finebaum

    If you got to watch today I was Adam from Lexington around 4:15
  14. awebbf5

    The Verdict is in

  15. awebbf5

    swamp or bust

    Well guys I will be leaving Lexington tomorrow with another fellow gator fan and a cat fan for my first game at the swamp. Been to the swamp one time before during the off season when I was at fletc about five years ago. I'm super excited and can't wait! My question is what are the things you...
  16. awebbf5

    florida georgia game

    Well guys I will be traveling to Jacksonville for the cocktail party this year and need tickets. Anyone know someone that is wanting to get rid of any tickets or the best place to get them? Thanks for any help.
  17. awebbf5

    Roper the new Offensive GURU

    So with the hire of Roper as our new man to light the scoreboards up, What is everyone's thoughts on the hire? Me personally I really think Cut was the offensive mastermind at Duke but IDK. I hope he comes in and we click on all cylinders at the start of the season, but my gut tells me things...
  18. awebbf5

    loss to georgia southern????

    OK guys let's say something happens Saturday the unthinkable happens and we lose, does muschamp get canned for that? Or does the support from Foley keep him? Just wanted to know thoughts on the matter.
  19. awebbf5

    muschamp not going anywhere?

    http://www.gatorzone.com/mobile/news/26727 well looks like muschump is not going anywhere. Wish I could say I was happy but I am not. So anyone close to any boosters know anymore about this?
  20. awebbf5

    New leader (UPDATED)

    Ok guys we know we need a new hc, so who are the likely, logical candidates? Charlie Strong is the only real one I know that I think is possible.