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  1. InkedAdrenaline

    #1 and #2 Lose!

    BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA... SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC! About time those teams show their true colors, playing frigging nobodies all year haha haha haha haha I love it.
  2. InkedAdrenaline

    Anyone else gonna be at the Swamp Saturday?

    I'll be there. My wife's cousin scored some late tickets... Not the best but def not the worst. Section 20 Lower level row 21... I normally like sitting closer to the 50yrd line, but for this game I'm happy just to be there! CHOMP CHOMP! Anyone else going? Btw I also am going to the FSU game...
  3. InkedAdrenaline

    Boring week ahead...

    We have a bye week and the only game that interests me at all is UGA vs TENN. That should be a good game and a challenge for uga. And what the hell is LSU doing playing a nobody, gimme-game in week 5?!?!
  4. InkedAdrenaline

    Well looks as if I'm eating my words...

    AND COULDNT BE HAPPIER! yes I was a Driskel non believer, but now seeing him grow game after game I realize I should have trusted coach booms decision and backed him. I'm very impressed with Driskel thus far and how he's improving from qtr to qtr. I'm getting very excited looking towards...
  5. InkedAdrenaline

    What's up people?

    You guys know I'm not as active of a member on the forums in the off season, but getting pumped for kickoff. Just wanna say what's up and make sure all the old timers are still around... chomp chomp
  6. InkedAdrenaline

    Gator QB Discussion 2012

    One thing that scares me for our 2012 season is we still don't have a defenative QB going into Spring. Now I know we have 3-4 qbs on the team but Coach Boom hasnt really announced which one is emerging as our leader...WTF?? I don't have to much hope in Driskel, but then again I'm only going off...
  7. InkedAdrenaline

    GO JETS!!

    Tebow to the Jets! Go Jets!!! Bench Sanchez!!!!!
  8. InkedAdrenaline


    TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for my useless thread, had to get that out there lol)
  9. InkedAdrenaline

    Urban Liar t shirts?

    Anybody found any yet? Ive been looking but haven't seen any
  10. InkedAdrenaline

    Urbans press conference....

  11. InkedAdrenaline


    thats all I have to say to all his haters....TEBOW GETS WINS! End thread.
  12. InkedAdrenaline

    The real question is...

    So i guess the real question is how much is this bye week going to allow us to regroup and get back on track for the Bulldogs...
  13. InkedAdrenaline


    Haven't been around for a couple weeks since I have had to work the last 3 Saturday's, but it looks like I'm not missing much. Damn we still suck LOL. oh well.... CHOMP CHOMP
  14. InkedAdrenaline


    Just interested to hear what you guys are thinking about the rankings right now....I'm glad SEC represents the top 2 but I wish it were us lol. For me the most surprising is Clemson....even though it's a softer division I think they would beat us right now sadly...anyways what's your view.... 1...
  15. InkedAdrenaline

    Horrible Refs!

    I cannot believe the horrible calls from the refs they were trying to give them the game!!!! I will tell you the defensive played great despite the bad calls. And I was singing 'rocky flop' to the group of VOL fans ^in front of me all day haha. Here's a pic to see how great the seats were...
  16. InkedAdrenaline

    Guess who's gonna be sitting 11 rows up at the 50 Saturday?

    Me. LOL . Just found out, my cousin got some free tickets and is taking me n the wife. Can't wait chomp chomp!!!! Should be a good game, we better win!!!!
  17. InkedAdrenaline

    Harvin is back disguised as Rainey!!!

    Shortbus and I have collectively decided Harvin is back ^in raineys jersey. Rainey was beasting it tonight and looking alot like Harvin. Hopefully he can continue to improve and things will be looking good for us!! CHOMP CHOMP
  18. InkedAdrenaline

    Brantley surprisingly not looking too bad!!

    Well so far he has shown improvement!!!!
  19. InkedAdrenaline

    I am getting ansy!!!!

    Gator FB tomorrow!!!!! Cant friggin' wait man!!! Watching the replay of Strongs team Louisville now, isnt helping my craving for FL FB!!!
  20. InkedAdrenaline

    Its that time again!! Chomp Chomp!

    Drove up to the orng & blue spring opener today. We had a good turn out with 53k fans there. A few former Gators made there way out too, including Tebow, Pouncey twins, Cooper, Wuerfell. My perceptions: Defensive looks GReAT! Very fast, explosive, and following the ball good. Brantley -...