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Recent content by Leakfan12

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    The One Nagging Doubt

    Better yet, Jones could give the USFL a shot.
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    Dan Mullen: What went wrong?

    Loyalty I believe was his downfall. Jones and Grantham, enough said. The Scary part is if not for two screw-ups by his DBs, Florida would have been in the playoffs and Mullen would be still there. The second was the DB fumbling the interception, recovered by Bama leading to a touchdown.
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    The One Nagging Doubt

    Jones is staying? CRAP!!!!!!!! I wish he went to Louisiana Tech or a non-power 5 team like Driskell which last I checked worked out well for Jeff since he's in the NFL. The good news is they have a new coach and everyone would get a chance. Napier isn't as loyal to Jones as Mullen was which...
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    Coach Billy Napier’s New Coaching Staff

    They got Rob Sale from the NY Giants to be the OC. He does have OC experience in college.
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    New Level of Patience Required

    Patience isn't going to last long especially if Georgia is here to stay on top.
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    Re CFP: Get Used To This

    I've been debating on expanding to either 6 or 8. With six, 3-6 plays each other in the opening round and the top two teams have the bye week. With eight, no one gets the bye but more wild card teams get in. Each one would give the Power 5 Conference Champs/Notre Dame an opportunity to be there...
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    Re CFP: Get Used To This

    I hoping for an expansion of either 6 or 8 teams. Will we get it? Probably not but never say never.
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    Early Signing Day 2022 #ChosenFew22

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    Weird Bowl Season For Gator Fans

    Bama and Georgia for the National Title Game. I'm in favor of expanding the Playoffs to 8.
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    Former Gator Kyle Pitts named to Pro Bowl

    In fairness, I think Keyshawn Johnson went to the Pro Bowl one year only getting one touchdown.
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    Billy Napier's Quarterbacks

    Not a great list though Tahj Boyd was the first star QB Clemson in the Dabo years, sad he didn't get much of a chance in the NFL. Levi Lewis who knows if he'll got a decent shot in the NFL. On one hand he is 5'10" though so is Kyler Murray and he's doing well with the Cardinals.
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    Emory Jones' Legacy at Florida

    Oh Crap, then again he went 14 of 36 against an AAC school, would any FBS school take him? Plus those four INTs in those first two games against non-Power 5 teams. Not good. I wish he went the FCS route. Plus there's no guarantee he'll keep his job. Napier isn't Mullen.
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    New Level of Patience Required

    In fairness, neither the U or School out West are doing too well either. It seems the Big 3 are a shadow of their former selves. It seems like other programs are doing a better job recruiting Florida than the Florida Schools.
  14. L

    Ohio State QB Jack Miller transfers to Florida

    I just hope Napier can adjust his playbook if Miller does become the starter since Miller is a Pro-Style passer.
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    2021 Gasparilla Bowl: Florida Gators vs UCF Knights 12/23/2021 7PM

    Also, I hope Justin Shorter is ok.