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Recent content by Dale J. Rodriguez

  1. Dale J. Rodriguez

    2021 Gasparilla Bowl: Florida Gators vs UCF Knights 12/23/2021 7PM

    I am glad I didn't make it to this one yall. This was ugly.
  2. Dale J. Rodriguez

    2021-2022 Bowl Projections

    Hey Drew, I am not gonna make it. I just got back from traveling between Atlanta, Hunstville, and Port St. Luice. I have stayed in hotels for lik 103 nights this year and I need a break lol.
  3. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Urban Meyer got the boot

    I knew he would be gone pretty quickly. As a Jags fan I hated this hire.
  4. Dale J. Rodriguez

    2021-2022 Bowl Projections

    Are you all surprised at AR15 not playing in the bowl game?
  5. Dale J. Rodriguez

    2021-2022 Bowl Projections

    I got my ticket and today and hotel booked. The tickets were nearly sold out; but I believe that may be more UCF fans that Florida fans.
  6. Dale J. Rodriguez

    2021-2022 Bowl Projections

    I would go watch the game in Europe. Regardless of where it is played, I really like this group of seniors.
  7. Dale J. Rodriguez

    2021-2022 Bowl Projections

    I am actually gonna go to whatever bowl this group goes too. Yea I may cry in the stands but it aint shit else to do
  8. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Master-of-the-Obvious, Part II:It Is Time to Find Replacements for Dan Mullen

    I believe that Mullen will get another year, and during that time if James Franklin doesn't magically take the USC job, I think we could get him at Florida. Urban meyer maybe available after this season LOL ( Joke)
  9. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Potential DC Candidates to Replace Todd Grantham

    I would love Marquand Manuel, but he has no real experience. If we can somehow fenagle Venerables from Clemson that would be interesting, but he would probably only leave for a HC job.
  10. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gameday: Tennessee vs Gators at Swamp (9/16)

    That Win was so great! Go Gators!
  11. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Florida Gators 2016 Recruiting Class

    This class is actually really good for a couple of reasons: 1. Stars mean nothing look at Jeff Driskel and some of our other 5 stars in the muschamp era. 2. We have filled a lot of holes in positions of need. If you look at film on these guys most of them are solid. 3. We had 13 players...
  12. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Screw You, Grier

    We will be fine with Franks. I am glad Will is gone, it makes life much easier in Gainesville this year. We will have a QB starting who can play and his name will not be Treon that is for sure.
  13. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gameday Week 13: Senior Day Sunshine State Showdown

    I want to add that Felipe Franks is playing in his HS Playoff Semifinal this week. We may have ourselves a rising star.
  14. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gameday Week 12: Florida vs the other Driskel

    Dude this is so ridiculous