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New Profile Posts

  1. Swampus
  2. DRU2012
    just reviewing state of our site morning after defeat-that-didn’t-have-to-BE...We hurt, have things to say—join In—or goof off elsewhere.
  3. Mike Hicks
    Mike Hicks DRU2012
    I am disappointed that my username is still my wife's name Leslie Hickland
  4. Mike Hicks
    Mike Hicks Escambia94
    My username is still Leslie Hickland here even though it's my wife's name and I was promised it would be fixed.
  5. Mike Hicks
    Mike Hicks DRU2012
    I was taken back by the number of views my thread "the supposition" so I googled the subject title and was surprised to see it quoted on a Cane board -
    https://www.canesinsight.com/threads/two-honest-gator-insights.147077/. Evidently their readers are visiting Gator Envy in large numbers. If what I wrote turns out to be true I gave them information they shouldn't have> Should I stop posting?
  6. Escambia94
    "Through Tebow, all things are possible."
  7. awebbf5
    awebbf5 DRU2012
    Can you boot some of these new ppl who are making useless forums and replying with nonsense? Soria clean the board up? I love our small boars but these newbies spamming makes it look bad.
    1. Swampus
      Watchoo talkin' about, Willis?
      Jun 20, 2017
  8. DocZaius
    DocZaius j3remy192
    Give me some of that luscious scrumptious e-gold
  9. DocZaius
    DocZaius Leakfan12
    Tell me what to say and I will post for you.
  10. Ga8or22
    Eventis sultorum magister.
  11. awebbf5
    awebbf5 DRU2012
    dru get us a gameday thread ready
    1. DRU2012 likes this.
    2. DRU2012
      Funny you should mention that, aweb--exactly what I was up to when you sent this!
      Aug 30, 2014
    3. awebbf5
      great minds think alike :)
      Aug 30, 2014
    4. awebbf5
      you know after last year im ready lol
      Aug 30, 2014
  12. yyuewaff
    Using Tapatalk
  13. Escambia94
    Is it the 2014 football season yet?
  14. Leakfan12
    I can post but not on my computer for some reason.
  15. Leakfan12
    Why Can't I post anything anymore?
  16. allkinds
    Getting used to this site! Looks like a great place.
  17. Escambia94
    Is signing off.
  18. miltongator
  19. Escambia94
    126 days to Gator football
  20. Escambia94
    One week to Gator spring football, the Orange and Blue Debut!