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Oregon’s Chip Kelly Admits Pac-12 Is Inferior To SEC

Discussion in 'Gator Lounge & General Discussion' started by Swamp Person, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Swamp Person

    Swamp Person Swamp Gator

    Aug 26, 2011
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    South Ga. Swamps
    A truly amazing quote by one of the top coaches in college football, Chip Kelly acknowledged after the loss to LSU that the Tigers and the SEC simply have another caliber of athlete. Kelly pointed specifically to the defensive linemen which isn’t surprising considering the beating they took in consecutive games by the Auburn defensive line and the LSU defensive line.

    “They got a little bit different athlete running around out there,” he said. “Look at their defensive linemen. Standing next to them, walking off the field, they don’t look like a lot of the guys we see. That’s the common trait.”​
    The quote is an acknowledgment of what most SEC fans already know: you can’t beat top SEC teams with the finesse Pac-12 play that works out west. Sure, you can run around the inferior athletes of the Pac-12, but when you face an SEC team, you face superior athletes on both sides of the ball.

    PS - I found this while surfing the web. I hope it's ok. I thought others on here might enjoy.It's not my write I found it here.
  2. robdog

    robdog Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 25, 2010
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    Orange County, CA
    They did get crushed by the Tigers last game. It was some what embarrassing for the Pac-12.

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